Why Invest in Spain?

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4. Why invest in Spain?


● Barcelona and Madrid  among Europe's top 10 business cities for expatriates.

● Best health care system: modern and excellent quality.

● Rich history and cultural heritage.

● Unique and internationally famous cuisine.

● A pleasant mediterranean climate.

● Three Spanish business schools  among the top 20 in the Global MBA ranking. 

● 57.9 M of international tourist arrivals  in 2012, 14.4 M of them in Catalonia.


● In recent years the price of housing in Spain has plummeted, so have appeared interesting opportunities for accessing value assets.

● From now on, its unlikely that prices will drop any further, specially in cities like Barcelona or Madrid.

● The Spanish Parliament has just approved a new bill that allows foreign individuals to obtain a residence permit if they are qualified as investors, for example only through buying a 500.000 € worth real estate.


● Stable and secure legal system. We belong to the European Union.

● More than 10.300 foreign companies established in Spain, 75 of which are Forbes Top 100 multinationals.

● Moreover, we have a privileged situation as a gateway to the European market, to Latin America and to North Africa, two regions we are well related to, because the language, geographical position and our history.

● That’s the reason we can offer you an access to 1,3 billion of consumers.

● And also, as prices dropped recently,  there are plenty of good opportunities that attract potential investors.


The merger of advanced society, secure legal system, good lifestyle and, recently, low prices, gives as a result that Spain is the 16 th best place for FDI according to A.T.Kearny, and we've improved 8 positions from last year:

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