SUPPORTING INVESTORS IN SPAIN (SIIS) helps investors and entrepreneurs to get a registered address in barcelona.

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December, 2019

In order to help investors, entrepreneurs, small businesses and professionals make their projects a reality, we have organized a space to network and network, but also all our professionals will provide direct and specialized support to your company. For this reason, it represents a great opportunity to improve and maximize the options and viability of foreign investors interested in establishing a business in Spain.

Our domiciliation offer for foreign companies include the following services:

  • Tax and commercial address.
  • Mail reception and forwarding
  • Email forwarding
  • Representation in front of the Spanish administration
  • Reception and processing of notifications from official entities and public organizations
  • Support in front of Spanish credit institutions
  • Selection and job recruitment
  • Salary Settlements and Social Security contributions 
  • Tax management
  • Administrative BPO
  • Physical space for residents and/or visits.

Our lawyers team can help you thorugh all this process, when you are looking for the best investment in Spain. For more information...

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