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OBTAINING THE NIE for individuals.

December, 2019

The NIE is the Tax Identification Number for foreign people acting in Spain. It's needed for any purpose related with adquisitions or setting up companies. To get it, the following documentation is required:

a.  The original passport and a copy of it.

b.  The official application form duly fulfilled

c.  Taxes

The NIE can be obtained directly by the foreign person in a Spanish police station or in a Spanish Embassy or Consulate, but this last option would take more time than doing it directly in Spain.

There is a third option for obtaining the NIE: a third person, acting on behalf of the individual, can ask for the NIE. In this last case, the following documentation and information is required:

a.    A power of attorney granting faculties to obtain the NIE before the Public Authorities, legalized by a Notary Public and Apostilled according to the Hague Convention. If necessary, we can provide a draft of the corresponding power of attorney to be granted before a Notary and Apostilled. This power should be granted in Spanish and English or, if it is only granted in English a Sworn translation will be necessary.

b.    Copy of the passport of the person who is obtaining the NIE. This copy must be in original size (not reduced or amplified) and also legalized by a Notary Public and Apostilled according to the Hague Convention.

c.     Additional information required is name of the parents and address of the grantor.

d.      And the payment of the corresponding taxes (9.64 euros, presently)

Currently, in order to carry out the process, you must request a prior appointment in the police on this website. However, these days it is not easy to get an appointment because of the large number of requests.

Our lawyers team can help you through all this process, when you are looking for the best investment in Spain. For more information...

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