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RESIDENCE PERMITS as Golden Visa to investors, entrepreneurs, highly qualified professionals and scientific researchers.

November, 2018

The Spanish Parliament on 19th of September 2013 approved a new bill that allows foreign individuals to obtain a residence permit for investors, entrepreneurs, highly qualified professionals, scientific researchers or short term visa for workers  engaged in the same company or group of companies.

Since then, this law attracts investors and entrepreneurs from around the world, as Spain being an attractive destination in Europe.

Golden Visa foir investors.

How can an Investor attain residence Visa in Spain?  The residence permit will be given to the foreign investors who makes an investment in the Spanish Real Estate for an amount equal or higher than 500,000 €s, investments beyond 500,000€s can be mortgaged from the Spanish Banks.

Other options for residence Visa  in Spain through investment:

●       For investments equal to or more than 2 M € in Spanish government bonds,

●       For investments of 1 Million €s of equity in Spanish companies.

●       For investments of 1 Million €s in bank deposits in Spanish financial institutions.

●       For business project that is developed in Spain, which is of general interest of the Spanish Government.

Validity Period of Residence Visa.

Initially a visa will be given to the investors for a period of  one year, the visa holder needs to visit Spain at least once during this one year visa period there is no obligation to live in Spain during this one year period.

After this one year period the holder of this visa will be given a residency for two more years on his application.

Once completed three years residence period of residence, residence holder will be given another two years residence on his application

After completing the five years residence period, the resident holder will be given a permanent residence in Spain which is for a period of five years more.

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