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December 2014

CITI creates a Club for Investment in Spain targeting the Spanish Real Estate Market

According to the Spanish newspaper “Expansion”, the American CITIBANK  starts a joint-venture with the Spanish firm Mazabi to invest €400Million in properties in Spain, with a 15% yearly return expected. Read more...

October 2014

Fund Management Companies and the new-born Real Estate Market 

The main Companies of the mutual fund industry are returning to the Real Estate market. Let’s see how Schroders, Henderson and Fidelity address this challenge. Read more...

September 2014

Asset Management Schroders internationalizes Real Estate Investments

Last July, Schroders (the global asset management firm) decided to internationalize the management of investments related to real estate assets. Previously Schroder collaborated during 9 years with European Investors Incorporated Capital Management to manage this kind of assets. Read more...

The CNMV and Investor Protection Trust  

CNMV stands for "Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores" (National Securities Market Commission), an institution that according to its website has the objective "to ensure the transparency of the Spanish securities market, its pricing as well as the protection of investors " Read more...


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