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1. Facts & Figures

1.1. Current macroeconomic figures

1.2.1. International business hub

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1.2. Why choosing Spain?

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1.2.1. International business hub

➢ Strategic geographic location

  • Exceptional location for key markets in Southern Europe and Latin America.
  • More than 10.300 foreign companies are already established in Spain, 75 of which are Forbes Top 100 multinationals.

➢ Access to 1.3 billion consumers

  • Apart from its domestic market, Spain offers a privileged situation as a gateway to the European market, Latin America and North Africa.

➢ Ultramodern transportation infrastructure

✈ Airports

  • Spain has two of ten Europe's largest airports, Madrid and Barcelona. 250 airlines operate in our country at 47 airports.
  • Spain ranks 3rd in Europe in passenger traffic.


  • 46 Atlantic and Mediterranean ports, making Spain 4th in maritime transport of goods.


  • Spain boasts the number one network of freeways and divided highways in Europe.

‡ Rail Network

  • 19 Spanish provinces and 27 cities are connected directly to the Spanish highspeed rail network.
  • In 2020 Spain will have the largest high-speed rail network in Europe (10,000 km).

Spain´s currently working on processes of Spanish technology transfer, establishing agreements abroad, being a world reference in consultancy/engineering and construction/equipment of railways:

  • Spain has become a major reference for the development of high-speed railway in the U.S. in the context of the White House decision, under the Plan for stimulating the Economy launched by President Obama, to spend an amount aid of 8,000 million dollars to drive high-speed corridors in the United States.
  • Award of the high-speed Medina-Mecca to the Spanish-Saudi consortium Al Shoula Group, led by ADIF and Renfe Operadora, and twelve Spanish companies and two Saudi companies. The contract includes the design, construction, operation and maintenace of the 450 km. high-speed with double electrified track and trains for a period of 12 years, for an awarding amount of 6,736 million euros.

1.2.2. Attractive economy

➢ 12th largest economy in the world and 5th in the EU.

➢ Ranks 7th in direct FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) received.

➢ 7th-ranked exporter of business services.

➢ Spain offers investment opportunities in sectors and activities with significant added value. Their strong growth potential makes them highly attractive to FDI. In the past five years, one out of every three incoming projects has been in sectors with high technological value and a significant level of R&D&I.

➢ These sectors include ICT (Information and Telecommunications Technology), the environment and water treatment, biotechnology and health sciences, aeronautics and aerospace, and renewable energies.

➢ Favorable Tax Treatment for channeling investments:

  • ETVE (Special System for Entities Holding Foreign Securities) for channelinginvestments towards Central and South America.
  • 80 Double Taxation Agreement which allows an excellent Tax planning strategy.

1.2.3. Workforce

➢ Workforce of 22,728,000 people (Source: National Statistics Institute, 3Q 2013).

➢ Spain has a highly qualified workforce, ranking 4th in Europe in people with post-secondary education in scientific/technical areas, behind Germany, United Kingdom and France.

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