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Asset Management Firm Schroders to internationalize Real Estate Investments

September 2014

Last July, Schroders (the global asset management firm) decided to internationalize the management of investments related to real estate assets. Previously Schroder collaborated during 9 years with European Investors Incorporated Capital Management to manage this kind of assets.

Schroder just created a new team in the Global Property Securities area (GPS) to do the job. This team is led by Neil Turner, head of indirect investments property and this very August it begun to manage three funds: Schroder Global Property Securities, Schroder Global Property Maximizer and Schroder ISF Global Property Securities. The global amount of assets under management is more than 1.500 million euros. The firm has indicated that the investment goals remain unchanged on all three funds.

Besides that, Jon Consolo and Ryan Bennet will join this newly created team. Consolo joins from Deutsche Bank Asset Management, where he was an analyst of European real estate securities, he will be based in the London office while Bennet will work in the office of Schroders in New York.

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