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  1. Golden visa in Spain. How to get it.

    Apr 08, 20 06:59 AM

    Spain allows foreign individuals to obtain a residence permit for investors and entrepreneurs

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  2. Spanish Non-resident Income Tax

    Apr 06, 20 05:01 AM

    Information about Non-resident Income Tax in Spain

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  3. Adaptación al nuevo GRPD

    Feb 27, 20 01:43 PM

    how can you adapt your company to GRPD.

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  4. Personal Bankruptcy in Spain

    Feb 27, 20 07:34 AM

    Description about how works personal bankruptcy in Spain

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  5. Catalonia economic forecast end 2019

    Jan 07, 20 06:05 AM

    fDi's European Cities and Regions of the Future 2018/19 report

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  6. Set up a business in Barcelona

    Dec 20, 19 04:56 AM

    Service of registered address in Barcelona.

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Our Mission

"SUPPORTING INVESTORS IN SPAIN" (SIIS) is a service area of Assistlegal, a Spanish law firm that collaborates with other professionals, such as real estate agents, architects and financial consultants, to respond efficiently to the requirements of our clients in order to make the best and safest investments in Spain, be it real estate, business, companies or otherwise.

Our Values

- Experience: we are experts with mor than 25 years of track record.

- Strategic negotiation, as skill and work method.

- Creativity: we overcome obstacles with a new viewpoint

- Transparency: we communicate honestly and fluidly

- Guarantee: if the client is not fully satisfied, neither are we.

Buyers & Investors Guide

Spain has become increasingly attractive to foreign investors, due to new favorable legislation and recent bills passed by our Government but also because of its privileged location in Southern Europe for doing business while enjoying its excellent lifestyle.

Check out our FREE ON-LINE GUIDES:

Hence, The Guardian  and other international media reported recently about the fact that "...Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Blackstone, George Soros and Bill Gates are all getting into Spanish real estate..."

As leading experts in the Spanish investment and real-estate business, our team of lawyers will be actively supporting and accompanying you during all acquisition procedures.

Thus, we have prepared a short online Buyers Guide which we hope you will find useful or view our online Investors' Guide, where you will find more detailed information about tax and legal laws in Spain.

Featured Properties

Selected Real Estate Spain Investments


Farm 1.6 hectares with almond trees in full production. Also olive trees, grapes, apricots, garnets, medlars, fig trees, apple, cherry, quince.

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Fantastic Real Estate Spain Investment in Altafulla village: a comfortable house next to beach and not far from Barcelona.

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